Sunday, May 31, 2009

Garden is Alive!!!

With the arrival of spring our garden has come alive!! The flax flowers are in full bloom. They are the sweet blue ones all of the yard. The iris have bloomed much better than last year and the poppies that I transplanted from school last spring have multiplied and bloomed! I love this time of year when the earth wakes up and says "YES"!
Hope you are having a wonderful spring!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I just made my first needle felted animal from the book Wool Pets!!! (thanks for the book Sofie)!!! I loved it!! The directions were clear and easy to follow! I can't wait to make the next one. I think I'll make something for my dad. I sat him down with a copy of the book when we went to a yarn shop together over winter break and he really liked it. So after some other projects are finished I think I'll pick something out to make for him.
This little owl went to my friend Ellen who due with her third child. They made an animal mobile for the baby at her baby blessing! I couldn't be there as it was too much traveling to late in my pregnancy!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Apron (that doesn't fit...yet)

I found the pattern to this apron last year some time in a sweet book called "Maryjane's ideabook, cookbook, lifebook, for the farm girl in all of us" by MaryJane Butters. She has a couple of other books published which also have lots of great ideas and are fun to look at. In a spurt of inspiration two weekends ago when my mom was visiting and we were working on some sewing projects I cut out the pattern and pulled a bundle of fabric off the shelf (some fabric that I bought in Syracuse, NY and had thought would make a sweet apron) and cut out the apron. I did as much as I could on the apron then promptly made a sewing lesson, at the local quilting shop, for sewing on binding. I have never sewn on binding with a machine! So this past Tuesday I had my lesson and learned a few techniques and tricks. All week I worked at it a little at a time. I used my seam ripper a lot but finally towards the end started to get the hang of it, I guess practice brings us closer to "perfection". Not that I'm striving to be perfect, I want it to look nice though! So now the apron is done, hand sewn button holes in place and vintage buttons, with bling attached, from my Grandma Cowley's button bin are sewn on and the apron is ready to go (after a gentle washing) but the catch is it doesn't fit me!!! My belly just sticks out too far these days, so this will be something to look forward to wearing after the baby comes. I think it will suit the summer months perfectly!