Friday, April 24, 2009

Little Red Cottage

So I have been thinking of changing the name of my blog to Red Cottage Crafts or Little Red Cottage Crafts or something else, Link Creations lacks a little pizazz or something and doesn't seem quite right. I haven't given this name change a lot of thought but some and am still pondering it. We live in a quite nice cute little red cottage and it seems kind of fitting, but we wont live here forever. I also like the word Morningside for using as a label for my toy creations but have never actually put it to use. Maybe I will soon.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Knitted Horse!!

I recently made two horses like this one. I used Sprout yarn by Classic Elite Yarns. It is 100% organic cotton!! And oh so soft! I enjoyed knitting with, it has a nice kink to it and made a lovely color for a horse. It reminded me of my horse Scooter that I used to ride in high school. So now I have a toy for my baby and Milo has one to play with too! Happy Birthday Milo! (very late, not that you really know:)

My other knitting project in process is a sweater for our baby. I am a bit stuck on it, mentally but hope to make at least a little progress tonight at craft night with the ladies. It is a simple pattern and a sweet sweater, I have never made anything like it, maybe that is why I am hesitating, I don't want to fail... not sure. At the same time I know I can do it and I know that I can get help if I get stuck on the pattern. The joys of being a Libra

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bibs done!

I finally finished the bibs!! Actually I have one left but am waiting to buy some red thread... I put Brandon to work this weekend helping me turn the bibs right side out again after I trimmed them! It's nice to have someone to work with from time to time. I seem to usually do everything by myself!!! These bibs were so fun to make I will probably make some more eventually as it's easy and a good way to use some of those lovely prints from my stash. Plus they make good gifts! I love this simple pattern that I found online!!!
I have really been enjoying sewing lately. There is such satisfaction in sewing! I love how quickly you can complete projects when you use a sewing machine!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A sewing frenzy

With Brandon off in Burns for five weeks I am trying to make the most of my bachelorette days!!! So I have been among other things sewing!!! I snuck off from my parents house with a stash of material that I had left years ago and also some fabric my mom was never going to use!!! What joy!!! A whole new supply of goodies for free!! I also got take my mom's sewing machine which has the zigzag stitch on it. I have my grandma's old machine which is great, a good old solid machine which only goes back and forth. So I took my mom's machine to get tuned up and oiled!!! I think it has been a long..............time since it has been serviced. I am pretty excited to try it out when it comes back, I haven't sewn on it for many years!
Well, I washed all the material that I had absconded with then I had a big fat ironing party, ironing can be sew relaxing, and before I knew it I was cutting a pinning fabric. I ended up pinning two blankets and a burp cloth and cutting out about 10 bibs!!!
The next day I got down to some straight forward sewing and sewed one of the blankets, the burp cloth, a baby towel I had started a while back, and one of the bibs! I enjoyed it immensely and look forward to finishing the rest of the projects. And when I get my mom's machine back I have some old tee shirts cut up to sew into baby pants!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pink Knot Baby for a little girl



I finally finished one knot doll!!! This is a gift for baby Morin who is due any day!!! I had so much fun making this little baby, knowing she would be going to such a great home and family. I made her bonnet out of a felted sweater and her blanket out of a felted skirt or jacket!!! Fun stuff. Isn't it great making things?!
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