Monday, March 30, 2009

Grandma's and their babies!


I'm finally home and back at it after ten days away!! Brandon and I actually had a vacation together this spring! we had a sweet time visiting friends and family!! We had a tour de bebe!!! from Aurora to Seattle!!! It was great to see everyone and to have some many great connections. It was eye opening to see all these different babies, families and parenting styles, gave us a lot to think about!!!
Spring Break started with a bang this year!!! I got together with friends and family for a baby shower for our baby!!! Sofie and Milo came from Califronai and John (my brother), Jill and Emelina came from Vancouver BC!!! So Sofie's mom (Betsy) and my mom (Patti) were mom's at the same time now they have grandbabies at the same time. It was pretty cool to see them together!!!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009


This past weekend my older brother came down for a visit and we built some shelves together for my craft/baby room which is in the throes of transformation. And I love the transformation that took place this weekend. We bought some furniture for baby storage from IKEA and Jason and I built these great corner shelves, which, miraculously all my craft supplies fit on, minus a very few very oddly shaped things!!!!

I am loving getting my supplies organized and arranged so that even after the baby comes I can do my work when there is a spare moment and don't have to go hunting for supplies!!!

Have I mentioned that I am glad spring is on it's way??? Well it is!! Last week we were having our second winter and now the Crocus are up and blooming and the Tulips and Daffodils are sticking their heads out of the thawing ground!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Plant dyed felt

I got this wool from a friend of mine here in Klamath Falls who raises Border Collies and needs sheep to train his dogs:). So he gives me wool when I want it. It is Coopsworth. Not a very fine wool but a good long fiber, good for beginning spinning... I enjoy working with it. This is from wool that I dyed last summer and carded this fall on my new drum carder, there is a picture in an older post. I made this felt in my bathroom using a big bamboo blind and hot water from the tap and the stove. It was quite fun making it, and not too hard. Although with my pregnant belly it made leaning over the tub a bit uncomfortable and my hips got a little achy. I am thinking that these sheets of felt will turn into some kind of baby toy for my baby!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nesting Instincts

Here are two photos of some projects I made for holiday gifts. The Blueberry pancakes and eggs were for a friend to give to her daughter and the cats were for my parents who are new grandparents! I figured they needed some toys at their house for the grandchildren to play with!!!

This past weekend I took nearly all of my crafting supplies out of the little yellow room (as I call it) and deposited them in the living room to make room for some new furniture to house baby clothing and accoutrement's!!! Wow!! It's pretty exciting to be getting so ready for this baby. My brother Jason is coming down from Portland this weekend to help me build some shelves in "the little yellow room" so I can put all my crafting supplies back in there but with them taking up less space and being more organized.
I am thankful for the nesting instincts that have been settling into me and for the opportunity I have for organizing my house!! Thanks Baby!!
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Friday, March 6, 2009

Fiber Craft Studio

This is a video made by a friend of mine who is taking the Waldorf Handwork Teacher Training program with me at The Threefold Community in New York. If any one is interested the program is highly recommendable, so pass the word along and check out their web site

Thursday, March 5, 2009




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Here are a few of the projects that we worked on last week at the Fiber Craft Studio in Spring Valley, New York. We had our winter/spring session all week last week and it was wonderful. We had a great felting class where we looked at several kinds of wool and a few different felting techniques. We also worked on and reviewed 3rd and 4th grade projects. It was a wonderful week full of beautiful moments with wonderful women.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I knit up several of these over the holiday's for gifts. I really loved knitting them. They were pretty fast and simple but looked good and were super soft. I even made myself a pair with the left over yarn. Now it's time to head to my sewing machine and sew on the backs to my bedroom curtains. I'm trying to make them darker to keep the neighbors porch light from bothering me at night. Although now that the curtains are down I am enjoying all the day light that comes in, but I don't like that the neighbors can see right into our room during the day. Maybe some rice paper blinds or some such invention would be nice for daytime light... lots of projects going on the get the house ready for the baby and to keep my nesting instincts satisfied!!
I just got back from a week of Handwork Teacher Training in Spring Valley, New York. It was a fantastic week full of lots of learning and fun. I'll post some pictures soon of projects we worked on.
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Finally I can post a picture of Milo's quilt which he received about a month ago. I started it just after he was born last March and am glad to have finished it in time for his new bed!!!
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