Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nesting Instincts

Here are two photos of some projects I made for holiday gifts. The Blueberry pancakes and eggs were for a friend to give to her daughter and the cats were for my parents who are new grandparents! I figured they needed some toys at their house for the grandchildren to play with!!!

This past weekend I took nearly all of my crafting supplies out of the little yellow room (as I call it) and deposited them in the living room to make room for some new furniture to house baby clothing and accoutrement's!!! Wow!! It's pretty exciting to be getting so ready for this baby. My brother Jason is coming down from Portland this weekend to help me build some shelves in "the little yellow room" so I can put all my crafting supplies back in there but with them taking up less space and being more organized.
I am thankful for the nesting instincts that have been settling into me and for the opportunity I have for organizing my house!! Thanks Baby!!
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woolladyfelter said...

Its all so exciting!
Your cats are really cute.
Thinking of you :)