Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I knit up several of these over the holiday's for gifts. I really loved knitting them. They were pretty fast and simple but looked good and were super soft. I even made myself a pair with the left over yarn. Now it's time to head to my sewing machine and sew on the backs to my bedroom curtains. I'm trying to make them darker to keep the neighbors porch light from bothering me at night. Although now that the curtains are down I am enjoying all the day light that comes in, but I don't like that the neighbors can see right into our room during the day. Maybe some rice paper blinds or some such invention would be nice for daytime light... lots of projects going on the get the house ready for the baby and to keep my nesting instincts satisfied!!
I just got back from a week of Handwork Teacher Training in Spring Valley, New York. It was a fantastic week full of lots of learning and fun. I'll post some pictures soon of projects we worked on.
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Teaching Handwork said...

I was trying to catch you online so we can talk on Facebook....IM baby!
and hey you should post this UTube video to promote the craft studio