Friday, March 5, 2010


"The rhythm of life
is when you experience
your own body, mind and soul"
-Yogi Tea

When the rhythm of a day goes well and there is flow I know that I have been a bit more present to myself and my child.

I love these kind of days. They are what I love living for!!!

Yesterday Fin and I went to the Wing Watchers trail and Fin sat in the gravel and put rocks in his mouth while I cut branches to make blocks out of!! The sun was shining and it warmed us both. We had a lovely outing (I didn't get any pictures, I have a habit of forgetting my camera) But there was beauty in our day, in our movements of the day, our movements of the moment!
May we all find rhythm and beauty!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning about rag rugs

Fin enjoying the rug and the hook!
I started this rug a while back. I cut up some old napkins and dish towels, sewed them together and started to crochet with this giant crochet hook that I bought at a Barn Sale, hand made by one of the ladies husbands! A lovely hook but too big for the job. Luckily I stumbled across a rag rug in progress which led me to a rag rug tutorial and have changed some things. I bought a few sheets from the thrift store and cut them and also got a smaller crochet hook, unfortunately it's plastic, not my ideal too but does the job beautifully!

After I cut up this sheet I started to add it to the rug above and I realized that the rug above, my first attempt, was not right so I took out the whole thing and started over!! I haven't made much progress on the new one but I'll take a picture and post it soon!