Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Learning about rag rugs

Fin enjoying the rug and the hook!
I started this rug a while back. I cut up some old napkins and dish towels, sewed them together and started to crochet with this giant crochet hook that I bought at a Barn Sale, hand made by one of the ladies husbands! A lovely hook but too big for the job. Luckily I stumbled across a rag rug in progress which led me to a rag rug tutorial and have changed some things. I bought a few sheets from the thrift store and cut them and also got a smaller crochet hook, unfortunately it's plastic, not my ideal too but does the job beautifully!

After I cut up this sheet I started to add it to the rug above and I realized that the rug above, my first attempt, was not right so I took out the whole thing and started over!! I haven't made much progress on the new one but I'll take a picture and post it soon!

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Teaching Handwork said...

OMG what a cute picture! He is growing so fast! I wish we could see you guys this summer....can't you just bring him?