Friday, March 5, 2010


"The rhythm of life
is when you experience
your own body, mind and soul"
-Yogi Tea

When the rhythm of a day goes well and there is flow I know that I have been a bit more present to myself and my child.

I love these kind of days. They are what I love living for!!!

Yesterday Fin and I went to the Wing Watchers trail and Fin sat in the gravel and put rocks in his mouth while I cut branches to make blocks out of!! The sun was shining and it warmed us both. We had a lovely outing (I didn't get any pictures, I have a habit of forgetting my camera) But there was beauty in our day, in our movements of the day, our movements of the moment!
May we all find rhythm and beauty!

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woolladyfelter said...

Beautiful boy you have there Sarah.