Friday, February 26, 2010

So, here's to my Sisters from afar!!!

Sofie, My first sister who is not so far!!I finished Sofie's scarf last week and finally got around to taking a picture of it!!! That's me modeling it!!!:) Here's to warm neck for my first sister!!!

If life had been different I would have been at my Waldorf Handwork teacher training, at the Fiber Craft Studio, this week. But I wasn't ready to fly across the country with my 8 month old son and stay in a strangers house and have said strangers watch Fin. I'm sure they would have been great they came highly recommended! But with that, the cost, and thinking about another child I wasn't sure I should continue at the moment. I feel sad though, missing my handwork sisters and all the laughter and work we shared!!! I really treasured those days spent with them working hard, learning, laughing and discovering myself and exploring more about this beautiful life I live on this amazing planet.
So, here is to my sisters, may you work hard, play often, laugh even more, enjoy the snow and delve deeply into the richness of the day!! I miss you all and am sending my love!!!

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