Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finley's set of felt balls and vest as WIP

I decided to make Fin a set of felted balls for Christmas and with all the projects I had going didn't finish them until some time in January and finally took pictures of them the other day!! So here they are!!

The are knit from Knitting For Baby, they were supper easy to work up and I initially felted them unstuffed but didn't like the way they looked so I stuffed them and felted them some more. They are a little tighter than I wanted, (Fin has a hard time picking them up) so next time I'll stuff them and sew them up then felt them a bit so that they have some give for babies with very chubby hands!!!

My WIP right now is this awesome vest by Georgie Hallam called Milo I love the way this is knitting up!! And it's the first time I've ever done cables!!! And they are so not scary!!! I'm so glad I bought this pattern and challenged myself to make cables!! I love knowing I can do something that I thought would be hard and getting past myself to try new things. I am using Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Company. I can't wait to knit another one!!

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