Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Needle Felted Play Scape

One evening last week while Brandon was working late I got inspired to do some needle felting. I have never made anything this big before. It was so much fun!!! I don't think that it is quite done yet but close. I played with it with a four year old and she loved it, so at least I know it "works". Now I need to make some animals and gnomes to go with it. Maybe a fire pit would be nice too. I originally wanted to make a tree or stump of some sort so that may be added as well. Needle felting is so much fun. I love the freedom of creating a piece like this, you can let your imagination and intuition take you!


Teaching Handwork said...

I love it sarah!
we need some belly pics! hows that belly growing?

Cadi said...

This is so magical!