Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Plant dyed wool

I just received my package of plant dyed wool from slowCOLOR!!! I love it! The colors are nice and strong which I have been wanting! I especailly wanted the blue for a small project I am doing for a customer. So now I can make waves!!! The purple and red are lovely too. The four smaller balls in front are blended colors and give a depth of color and softness! Yum! Can't wait to use them. I have some white balls in the washing machine being felted right at this moment. Later in the week when they are dry I will needle felt designs on them.
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Teaching Handwork said...

you started a BLOG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Teaching Handwork said...

You need to blog more! more more, how are you?????
and I should have said above...."you are blogging again" not you started a blog cause I knew that part, I just totally forgot

Linda said...

I love the colours of your plant dyed wool!