Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is my own dyed wool from this summer. I finally got around to carding it last week!! Oh how fun it was to card it, to make these luscious bats of sweet soft downy wool!! There is a combination of colors here, some fungus dyes that I got to use at the Klamath Weavers and Spinners guild meeting in June where we had an all day dye party!!! (lovely time and inspiring) yellow dock from Birki's orchard, brazil wood, cutch, maybe some marigold... I've forgotten now all of them and didn't label them. I have been working on a labeling system ad getting myself into the habbit of label everything. I think I will remember because at the moment it seems so obvious but if I don't go back to something for a while I forget. So my motto right now is label, label, label!!
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