Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here is the lot of yarn that I dyed this summer. Some of it is from dyes from my garden and kitchen, marigold, dyers coreopsis, yellow dock, black walnut and onion skins. The other dyes I bought at the Fiber Craft Studio, madder and cutch. I am taking Waldorf Handwork teacher training program through the Fiber Craft Studio which is part of the Threefold Community in Spring Valley New York! I am going for my winter session on February 2oth!! I am excited for a break and to be enriched by so much beauty, joy and appreciation!!!
I just spent about an hour at the Circle of Yarns here in Klamath Falls winding all these beautiful skeins into balls. Victoria the owner graciously let me use her ball winder!!! Thank you Victoria! I am thinking that some of this yarn will turn into baby clothing of some sort for our little one to be!!!

I am really loving looking at the colors of summer shinning through on this winter day. Plant dyed colors really speak to me with their richness and truth of nature.


Teaching Handwork said...

wow!!! how did you get them wound in such beautiful balls? I love the colors!

Teaching Handwork said...

well now if I would read to the end of the post I would get my answer :)

Bairbre Aine said...

I love these colours.
Absolutely beautiful.
I'm a ECE teacher too!
I have considered moving to Oregon
many times. Love Portland and fruit loop area.
Bairbre Aine

Lisa Anne said...

The colors are gorgeous and have a quality about them that you just wouldn't get with chemical dyes. I am really interested in dying with mushrooms and lichens, the colors are so amazing. Your header photo of your dyers garden is very inspiring.