Friday, April 23, 2010

Fin's Sweater


I finished knitting Fin's sweater last night. Today I sewed up the seams and wove in the loose ends!!! I need to sew on two bottons (but can't get them now as they are in Fin's room and he is sleeping) then I'll wash and block it!!

What I love about this sweater so far are the colors. I dyed this yarn with Lichen that I gathered in the woods, which made the lovely yellow dye, and with black walnuts gathered from my parents place (another gorgeous color).

I really wanted to make a cardigan but I just don't have the right patern and the right yarn at the moment, and I really can't buy more yarn now as I have to work with what is in my stash!!!!!!!!!! But I am happy that I finally got to use this plant dyed yarn to make something for my own child!!

The sweater will fit him now, though it will be quite big. I imagine it will fit him through the fall and into winter as it is all wool and stretchy.

I used bare Peruvian wool from Knitpicks.
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Mary said...

Cute sweater! I don't knit, but do sew...and I blog right here from KF. Come visit me sometime and "follow" if you'd like.

Sarah @ said...

I'm admittedly not very crafty and know zilch about knitting, but I do think its pretty cool that you plant dyed the yarn =)

Sarah @