Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thrifty Finds

Fin loves his little wooden potty but not for using it as it was meant. He loves to open and shut the lid and play around in the little enamal pot. I made some sweet little felt balls to put in the pot and tries to take them out and put them back in. But he really likes just stirring them around!!

It really is a sweet old potty, I like the little bear on the back and the nice enamel pot underneath, but will have to make some adjustments so the pot fits a bit better. I'm going to give it a good sanding and then a coat of varnish to make it ready for the bathroom.

My next find was the wooden rocking horse. Nothing fancy, just a good ol' horse. It as a pleasant rock, Fin fits it well and it's wooden and second hand!!!! What could be better????

Then I found this very lovely USA made wooden childs chair. It is in really good shape.

As seen by the stamp on the bottom it was made in Keene, NH!!!

I love, love, love going to thrift stores... and it's great finding things that you can really use!!!

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softearthart said...

I love finding treasures in opp shops , we have a lot of them here in New Zealand,your wee boy is a sweetie, cheers Marie